Ode to Cupid & Rosie

Fine jewellery, dainty and small,
Nature inspired, handmade for all
Timeless pieces to stack and wear
Every day or just when you dare
To add soft elegance and flair
With unique gems, dazzling and rare.
Each piece a story that endures –
Let its magic be part of yours!
Juliet (1898), John William Waterhouse

About the Designer

All pieces are designed by Dalal Alhouti. Born in Kuwait, Dalal spent time in London and Beirut before moving to Dubai, where she founded Cupid & Rosie Jewellery in 2019. Entranced by the magic of jewellery from an early age, she believes the eternal metals and jewels used in each handmade piece is fervently infused with delicate memories and a spark for life, like the works of her favorite authors, Chekhov, Rilke, Gide and Naruda. Cupid & Rosie jewellery is to be worn every day to remind us of the stories they tell, and treasured as an heirloom to be passed on to the next generation with even greater stories - those of our own.

Sustainability and Thoughtful Design 

Cupid & Rosie is committed to thoughtful design and sustainability. Each piece is designed, cast, cleaned, and set in Dubai, in keeping with our aim to limit our carbon footprint and support high-fashion manufacturing locally. 

Our goal is to counter fast-paced fashion trends by creating high quality pieces that are designed and made to last. Our jewellery is made to order, eliminating the issues that arise from mass production. This gives you a piece of jewellery that is made thoughtfully and specifically for you.

Our personalized courier boxes which we ship your fine pieces are ecofriendly. We kindly ask you to please re-use and recycle our packaging whenever you can.